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Logbook Servicing

For the extra peace of mind that comes with a new car warranty, many believe they have to drive their car back to the dealership for each of their new car's logbook services. The Car Doctor is able to perform these inspections instead, checking your vehicle's essential features for premature wear and tear.

Contact us if you'd like to make a booking.

Steering & Suspension

If your vehicle's handling or ride comfort is slipping, bring it in to The Car Doctor for a check of its steering and suspension. We can perform repairs or fit replacements from our stock of manufacturer-standard parts. We can also conduct wheel alignments to eliminate play in your steering, for a smoother, easier drive.

Contact us if your vehicle's handling is getting too loose for comfort.


A functioning set of brakes is arguably your vehicle's most important safety feature. Your brakes are also the most susceptible part of your car to wear and tear, which makes regular checks of your brakes vital to safe motoring. We can inspect your brakes for damage or wear, and fit replacement brake pads, drums or discs as required.

Contact us if you suspect brake trouble.

Cooling System

A cool engine is a healthy engine; problems with your car's cooling system can result in cataclysmic damage to your engine, and expensive repairs. The Car Doctor can inspect your cooling system, topping up coolant and fitting replacement valves and hoses as required to keep your engine cool throughout the warmer months.

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Transmission & Clutch

If you're having trouble shifting gears, or if you notice strange noises or smells from underneath the bonnet, you may be having transmission trouble. The Car Doctor can inspect your manual or automatic drive train, repairing or replacing components as needed, including clutch pedal issues.

Contact us if you're having trouble changing gears.


The Car Doctor's team is able to source, replace and fit new tyres for your vehicle, specially chosen for your intended driving experience. We can also conduct alignments for your new wheels, which can minimise tyre wear and maximise the life of your new rubber.

Contact us to book a tyre and wheel checkup.


An exhaust servicing means more for your vehicle than just chrome tips and a deeper growl from the engine. An aftermarket muffler or extractor can improve air flow through the engine, clearing deposits from the combustion chamber more easily and allowing for cleaner emissions. 

The Car Doctor can check and repair your car's exhaust system, improving your vehicle's health and carbon footprint. Contact us if you'd like to know more.

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